a. What is the deployment plan for the park?

The realization of a project of this size (130 + 000 m² of office) requires a staggering, with a sustained rate of over 20 000m ² / year.

Initially, more than 30,000 m² of offices and services were delivered at the opening of the Park in the second quarter 2012.
So far all the delivery dates were met and steps will be taken to accelerate the next delivery to meet the growing demand of companies.

b. When can I reserve a space in the park?

Today. To do this, here's how: Send your letter of intent by e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
In this letter from an authorized representative of your company, it is necessary to give a short presentation of your company (business, sales, etc..) And planned activities within the park, your needs in terms of desired surfaces (m ), the number that you plan to deploy the site, the desired date of entry into your local Future, a progressive ramp-up possible with the use of specifications (extensions of the perimeter, projected dates ...) and all Another element to better meet your expectations.

Upon receipt of your letter of intent, MedZ Sourcing will send you a receipt, confirmation number and number in the queue will be assigned.

MedZ Sourcing will also be able to advise you and assist you plan your installation.

The signing of the lease will be mandatory three months before delivery of the space.

c. Specifically, what is delivered spaces for tenants?

Fez Shore offers tenants office floors in Plug & Play mode (electrical and computer), air-conditioned, secure and assorted equipment rooms containing cabinets pre-wired computer and electrical distribution; toilets and kitchenettes. The office floors are not partitioned, the tenants directly support the facilities, equipment and decorations of their workspaces.

d. How to book extra spaces?

Once your room reserved, Fez shore allows you to plan your scalability (needs additional space), to better support your development within the park.

Booking procedures (with or without commitment) are provided with rent in advance on the former and non-refundable fee in the second case.

These procedures allow you to book modules for a maximum of 12 months (confirmed reservation) and 6 months (without commitment) on the same floor or in the same building.

As planned deployment of the park, it is possible to reserve spaces for the following phases through a contractual commitment.

e. What are the main clauses of the lease?

The lease term

The duration of the lease is 1 year and not renewed automatically. There is no maximum duration. There is provision for rent review every 3 years (increase between 10 and 13%). The park does not allow creation of goodwill, nor sublease, let alone to assign the lease to third parties.

The deposit guarantee

The amount of the bond guarantee is 3 months rent.
The notice period
Six months' notice before the expiry of the current period is required for tenants wishing to leave the park in accordance with the Contract.
The rental price
In the launch phase (phase 1 and Unit 1 of Phase 2), the monthly rent of office space is set at the HT 90DH m².


The maintenance costs and maintenance of common areas and facilities and the costs of caretaking and cleaning are not included in the price of rent. These charges represent 15% of the rental duty.
Private consumption of water, electricity and air conditioning are charged based on meter readings and paid directly to the divisional concessionaires Casanearshore even if the option of a common meter is chosen. In the latter case billing will be based on consumption of each entity (according to internal records of metering) in the case or can be determined with precision. Otherwise private consumption will be evaluated according to appropriate share.


Rents and rental charges are subject to VAT.
Taxes urban, municipal administration and other requirements of the city are the responsibility of companies. In absolute terms you can think they are similar to those that normally would be due to any other place of Fez. SHORE FES is negotiating with authorities to investigate the possibility of an exemption (in which case the FES SHORE will inform the entities located and they will be relieved) is a global tax for the entire park which will be reflected in proportion m² occupied by each entity.
The license fee shall be paid by each entity as it would in any other place of Fez. The same applies to VAT on products and services subject to this tax, and generally for all taxes for operating a legal entity.
All fees will however be paid on the OSS, which can interact with the various authorities concerned. The stop will be located in Fez SHRE and aims to serve you in the conditions of the fastest and best possible.

f. The park offers he furnished offices?

Fez shore will not provide office furniture. Facilities, office equipment and decorations are supported directly by the companies for their own account.
Fez shore will have preferential agreements with suppliers of office furniture and solutions developers to purchase and lease of furniture that will benefit all entities installed in the park. This offer will be available from the first phase.

g. What kind of support the proposed park there for businesses?

Several services are available to businesses located on the site:

  • One-stop-Administration
  • Support service to the recruitment
  • A business center
  • Service operational management of networks and logistic services
  • A service and maintenance of buildings and common areas
  • A rental management service.
  • These services are accessible through the "help desk" of the park, whose assistance is offered from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, 365 days a year.

h. What are the characteristics of the telecom infrastructure of the park?

Fez shore provides an infrastructure "carrier grade" on the park. Reliability and network quality and services are at international standards.

Fez shore chose Oteo as telecom operator dedicated to the park. Oteo is a subsidiary of Wana. Drawing on the expertise of Orange Business Services (OBS), Oteo provides design, design, implementation, operation and marketing of a redundant fiber optic infrastructure that serves the entire premises. This allows for data rates scalable up to thousands of mega bps.
The reliability of the telecommunications network set up specifically for Fez shore and quality of services meet the highest international standards. Companies on site may request the latest value-added services and have bandwidths of very high speed, competitively priced internationally.

The site is equipped with a telephone network and IP PBX pooled to serve all companies in the park. For all other voice and data services, prices will be better than the current offer in Morocco and will remain better in time.
Telecommunications costs of the park are up to 30% cheaper than market prices.

i. What are the benefits of the park from the legal and administrative?

In general, Fez shore is committed to reducing the paperwork to a minimum, thanks mainly to stop the park: formation of companies, payment of payroll taxes, settlement of taxes, police formalities, residence permits, and visas, etc..
Tenants wishing to obtain more complete information on the administrative side and may contact Legal Casanearshore today.

j. What services the center provides business there?

For clients to operate in the most comfortable in the park, business center offers secretarial services, which supports, among other things, the receipt and distribution of mail and call management and phone messages .
The department also manages a "document center" to perform all work presentation: photocopying, scanning, printing, binding ... In addition, to support the work abroad, the secretarial service provides translation services and interpreting in four languages (English, French, Spanish and Arabic).

Moreover, the business center includes meeting rooms and offices tailored to customer needs and durations extremely flexible. The business center has in effect three meeting rooms with a capacity of 20 seats, a videoconferencing room and a 20-seat meeting room equipped for multimedia presentations with 20 seats.

More than ten offices ready to use (open space) are available to clients upon booking: computer equipment and telephone, wireless Internet access, fax, copiers and other office tools.

k. What does Fez shore in terms of recruitment support?

Fez shore offers its customers a recruitment service support on many levels. We intend to be the sole contact for linking with the national players for training for jobs offshoring.

Customers also benefit from access to an advanced search in the database Casanearshore, including profiles of the winners of registered business schools, universities, engineering schools and private schools partners.

l. What the government stop the Park brings together there?

The single window is established to assist clients throughout their business within the park. This stop allows the same place to interact with the following organizations:

  • The Regional Investment Center (ICC), for business creation and support of projects.
  • The National Social Security Fund (NSSF), your monthly statements and payments thereunder.
  • The National Agency for Promotion of Employment and Skills (ANAPEC), to assist your search for human resources.
  • The Office of Vocational Training and Work Promotion (OFPPT).
  • The urban district, the legalization and certification of documents.

m. How is security ensured on the Park?

Access is controlled in Fez Shore (Input / Output) by guard posts and surveillance cameras within the details of incoming and outgoing. The park is secure through human and technical resources. Indeed, there is one guard per building for the reception and security and closed circuit video cameras in common areas of the building. Security of premises and spaces rented by companies is to be offered by park tenants.

Park staff have access badges to the park, buildings and the floors where they work (Smart elevators). Visitors get badges visit after confirmation with the company concerned. These badges will allow them access to the building society they visit. These measures have been planned to ensure a high level of security within the park and were applied from the arrival of the first tenants.

n. What transportation system will be there on the area?

Fez Shore has developed in collaboration with the authorities of the city of Fez a transit comfortable and reliable serving the park on a regular basis. Thus, the buses are available all day from 5:30 am to 21:00.

o. The restoration is ensured on the Park?

The park provides its customers with a Food Court with a capacity of 900 seats consisting of a selected set of signs and balanced restoration selected from recognized providers restoration of the site as well as restaurants that will follow the inter- rhythm client installation Park.