The Park

Fez Shore is dedicated to developing new economic potential of the region in the field of offshoring. It offers to companies the assurance to benefit from integrated park and getting accompanied by efficient support services, a legislative incentive and established in an urban environment known worldwide by its culture, tourism and technology.
It aims to:

  • Develop an integrated space dedicated to the activities of computer services, data processing and business processes;
  • Stimulate job creation in the region;
  • Provide leadership training in the field of economic and technological development in the region, but also be a regional hub generating a synergy between the richness of Morocco and those provided by business operators;
  • Provide access to new skills and develop new business to add value;
  • Enhance the innovative potential of the region of Fez and the bi-pole Fez-Meknes by building a dedicated area.

The park is modeled on a corporate campuses offering workplaces, living and relaxation. The 131 000 m² of offices and services are lined by green spaces, pedestrian plazas pleasant and wide tree-lined avenues.

Authentic city where the quality of life for all is identified as a priority, Fez Shore offers several amenities for the greater welfare of its customers:

  • Modern Buildings with a maximum height of 18 meters
  • Flexible office space from 200 to 3000 m²
  • Sport center
  • Shops and leisure
  • Parking
  • Other Services