Fez Shore Officially opened June 20th, 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012, MedZ Sourcing, a subsidiary of MEDZ hosted the opening ceremony of Fez Shore Park.

inauguration fes shore

Wednesday, June 20, 2012, MedZ Sourcing, a subsidiary of MEDZ hosted the opening ceremony of Fez Shore Park, the third link in the chain of parks managed by offshoring MedZ Sourcing

The ceremony took place before an audience of distinguished guests, in the presence of industry leaders and institutional and regional personalities.

After opening the session by Mr HAJ HAMOU, President of MEDZ, the intervention of Mr. Hanouf, DG MedZ Sourcing gave an update on the state sector of outsourcing and global and national on the economy and points to watch to watch. He then highlighted the importance of regionalization of offshoring offer with the opening of new parks outside the Casa-Rabat axis. Fez Shore is the first step today. He also reaffirmed the strong commitment MedZ Sourcing to make this new park a reference platform.

The ceremony was also led by a panel discussion under the theme "Boulemane & Fez, a region in the heart of development!" With the participation of individuals representing public authorities, the regional actors sector professionals:

Mr. Derdouri, Wali of Fez & Boulemane
Mr. ESSERRHINI Farissi, President of the University of Fez
M. Chami, deputy of the city of Fez
Mrs. EL Ouatika Khalfi, Director of Industry at the Ministry of Industry Trade and New Technologies
Mr. CHRAIBI, President of CDMA
Mr. LAKHLIFI, President of APEBI

The panel discussed issues of development of investment facing the region, the pool of human resources in quantity and quality, and the involvement of all stakeholders including the network of associations represented by the CDMA and APEBI for the success of such a project.

The ceremony was continued by the presentation of trophies to the pioneers of Fez Shore Park: the first customers, the first service and the CDG group entities have been represented in this promising project: MEDZ Casanearshore and SA, umbrella company assets.

The day ended with the official opening of the park and a tour of facilities and trays.