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Welcome to the official website of Fez Shore!

A history and a rich cultural heritage, a rich nature, urbanization growing and a burgeoning area Fez - Boulmane has many other strengths can be a magnet for domestic and foreign investment and a locomotive for regional development . The region offers a favorable environment for the structuring of new businesses with high added value.

CDG through its subsidiary MEDZ, advance in its regionalization strategy of offshoring parks. After the success of Casanearshore and Technopolis, it is the turn of Fes Shore to complete the offer "Offshoring in Morocco".

Fez Shore Park is a completely integrated into its surroundings providing World Class services to meet the needs of the largest companies globally. The park is spread over 20 acres with 130,000 square meters of office floors and services including car parks, sports center, shops ... on a strategic location near major highways, international airport and city center of Fez. The first phase of the project (16,000 sqm) is delivered during the second quarter of 2012.

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